Services for Collectors

The Museum of Scales and Balances is happy to supply collectors with information about objects and to assist in the meeting of supply and demand.


To learn more about a set of scales (or documents relating to certain scales), to cede or acquire objects or relative documentation, send a photograph of the object in question and your contact details (postal address, telephone or email) to the conservationist of the Museum of Scales and Balances (tel. (+39) 059-899422,


In the case of the giving away or search for scales or related objects, the Museum of Scales and Balances will publish advertisements on its own site and/or images of objects free of charge, so as to bring together interested collector parties, in accordance with current regulations.


The Museum of Scales and Balances will accept no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the advertisements published. The author of the advertisement is solely responsible for its content and thus for any information which may not reflect the truth.

N.B. To enlarge the image, right click over the image and then ‘view image’.